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Special Sponsorship Opportunity (UNESCO Palace Accessibility Project)
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As a non-profit, non-governmental organization, the Association for Volunteer Services relies on a variety of sources to sustain and expand its programs  These include:
• Affiliation fees of affiliated agencies
• Private donations from organizations and individuals
• Special events and projects
• Advertisements in AVS publications or posters
• Participation fees for special programs
• Membership
• Grants from foundations
• In-kind services, donations and discounts

We hope that everyone who believes in our objectives will contribute financially to AVS according to their means.  To encourage such support, the AVS Board has established five categories of donations:


30,000 LL-below 75,000 LL

$ 25-below $50


75,000 LL-below 150,000 LL

$ 50-below $100


150,000 LL-below 750,000 LL

$100-below $500


750,000 LL-below 1,500,000 LL

$500-below $1000

Sustainer 1,500,000 LL and above $1000 and above

How to Make a Donation
Donors can make contributions by cash, check, credit card, or bank transfer.  See note below for information about how to make contributions that are tax-deductible under US tax laws, as well how to arrange for matching funds if your employer has a matching fund program. In all cases, we can follow-up on the donation if you call the AVS office (961-1-800170 or send a brief message ( with information indicating the donor’s name, address, phone, fax, and email, the amount donated, date of donation, and how the donation was made.

Please make any cash contributions, in person, at the AVS office and receive a signed receipt.
Check: C
hecks should be made out to "Association for Volunteer Services" and can either be delivered to the AVS office directly or sent by mail to:
      Association for Volunteer Services
      P.O. Box 136104
      Beirut, Lebanon  2039 4232

DonateNowCredit Card: AVS has made arrangements with the Tides Foundation of San Francisco to participate in its Donate Now program which allows for secure donations online by major credit card. Click on the button to make your donation. 

Bank Transfer: Contributions can be made through a direct bank transfer to the AVS account at Byblos Bank, Sassine Branch, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon (Account: 10-02-252-026832-0-6). Byblos bank's swift number is BYBALBBX.

Tax-Deductible Donations (US Tax Benefits)
For contributors who wish to have the US tax benefits of making contributions to a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, you may donate online by credit card through the Donate Now program by clicking on the Donate Button above. or you may send a check to Tides/VolunteerLebanon Fund  and mail it to:
      Tides Foundation
      Presidio Building 1014
      San Francisco, CA 94129

Matching Funds
If your company has a program to match the funds of its employees, the Tides Foundation will provide the necessary verification of employee donations, and will accept the matching donation from the company through a check to Tides/VolunteerLebanon Fund  or a credit card, as explained for tax-deductible donations above.

AVS welcomes funding for its programs from foundations in Lebanon and throughout the world.  It presents proposals to foundations for their consideration and welcomes invitations to present proposals from foundations that do not accept unsolicited proposals. 

Two important sources of support for AVS programs are sponsors, who choose to finance specific programs and events with minimal recognition for their contributions, and advertisers, who provide support in exchange for advertisements in AVS publications or on panels at AVS events. Such sponsorship and advertising provide opportunities for businesses to contribute to social development while demonstrating to the public that they are good corporate citizens.  AVS needs sponsors for all of its programs and advertisers for its fundraising events.  For further information about sponsorship and advertisement opportunities, please contact the AVS office.

This is a project that AVS initiated and directed  to make UNESCO Palace accessible to the physically disabled.  While the project was completed a few years ago, a balance of $7000 is needed to complete the its funding.  In addition, the Director of UNESCO Palace is seeking $3000 addition for repairs/maintenance/upgrade for a total of $10,000.  Any company or individual(s) that pays $1000/$3000/$5000 or the whole amount of $10,000 will be listed on a permanent plaque at UNESCO Palace in both Arabic and English (size of name and placement on plaque based on amount contributed). For more information, click here.

Gifts-in-kind are gifts of actual goods or services needed by AVS.  They are viewed as donations and valued at the current retail value. If you have such a gift you feel AVS could use, please let us know.

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