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The Learning to CARE Program is a program of training and support to schools to help them establish or improve at least two of the six service options  presented in the book Learning to CARE: Education, Volunteering, and Community Service. The objectives of the book and the Learning to CARE Program are to:

  • Motivate and provide guidance to administrators and teachers of educational institutions to establish, expand, and improve programs of volunteering and community service in their schools.

  • Motivate students to serve their society as volunteers.

  • Help students get the most from their volunteer experience.

  • Develop the ability of the students themselves to select, plan, organize, execute and reflect on their service efforts with the guidance and supervision of responsible adults.

  • Improve the knowledge, commitment, and sense of civic responsibility of these students.

  • Help students develop into life-long volunteers actively engaged in improving their society.

  • Provide information and support to school parent committees and to other interested parents about how they can better understand their roles and increase their effectiveness in support of the school(s) their children attend.

  • Provide information and support to NGOs, service institutions, and local government units regarding how they can provide effective service opportunities, financial and material support, and role models of volunteering for students engaged in school service programs.

The program was funded for the 2005-2006 academic year by an AFKAR Grant of the European Union and the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR). Representatives from over 80 schools attended training workshops and 41 schools actually developed service programs as a result of the LTC Program.

AVS is currently working on developing and improving training materials for schools to help them implement the services options presented in the book Learning to CARE.

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