Global Youth Services Days 2011


For GYSD information in Arabic, click here.

لمزيد المعلومات عن الأيام العالمية للخدمة الشبابية باللغة العربية إضغط هنا.

YES! Youth Empowered for Service!

Calendar for Global Youth Services Days 2011


February 6                   Launching of GYSD 2011, UNESCO Palace

February 6                   Basic training sessions in Arabic and English

April 2                          Deadline to submit Pre-Project Information Form

April 15-16-17             Global Youth Service Days Implementation of Projects

Immediately after        Send to AVS 1 group picture with GYSD poster/3 action pictures:     
project                         email to: (for media and international website)

April 28                       Deadline to submit Post-Project Information Form

April 28                       Deadline to submit Project Poster and Pictures

May 8                          Recognition Event and Awards Ceremony, UNESCO Palace

GYSD Lebanon
GYSD General Information
Guidelines for Participation     
GYSD Pre-Project Information Form
GYSD Post-Project Information Form
Ideas for Service Projects
GYSD Lebanon Calendar 2011

 الأيام العالمية للخدمة الشبابية / GYSD - Arabic
معلومات حول الأيام العالمية للخدمة الشبابية في لبنان / GYSD Lebanon - Arabic
توجيهات المشاركة  / Guidelines for Participation - Arabic
أفكار لمشاريع خدمات تطوعية / Ideas for Service Projects - Arabic
ستمارة ما قبل التنفيذ / GYSD Pre-Project Information Form - Arabic/English
GYSD Post Project Information Form - Arabic/English / استمارة ما بعد التنفيذ


Global Youth Service Days (GYSD)

GYSD Lebanon

Guidelines for Participation

GYSD Post Project Information Form

GYSD General Information

GYSD Pre-Project Information Form

Ideas for Service Projects

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Global Youth Service Days


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